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Millenial Wanderer covers a wide range of topics to share : Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Applications, Sports, Travel Experiences, and Stories about life.

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The expansive growth of cryptocurrencies is a result of recognition of its unique capabilities to improve the way of life. Cryptocurrencies provide decentralization, peer to peer network, and removes third party charges.

Millenial Wanderer aims to provide information with reference to emerging cryptocurrency tokens where among them are of real value and has potential in the market.

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Decentralized Applications


If you’re a Steemian (hop in to to learn more), these decentralized applications are providing opportunities to users to earn while using their services.

With the use of Steem blockchain, these dApps rewards their users who are continuously using their service in cryptocurrencies like Steem.

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Decentralized Applications

Travel Experiences

Little did they know, Millenial Wanderer loves to wander through places. With the travels that we had, we would like to share beautiful and informative insights about our travels.

By providing you a valuable information about the place, how to get there, estimated cost of the travel, and most especially we give our review about our experience of the

Personal Blog

Personal Blog

Millenial Wanderer also likes to share his personal side and opinion about topics in the society. Topics about self-growth, life experiences, and stories to tell.

Here, he pours his side by publishing contents in this website. These are all with regards to MW’s side and no other people are involved to influence the author.

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