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My Journey as a @sndbox Member | How It Paved Way to Bigger Opportunities in Steemit

I’ve been blogging in Steemit for a year and four months now and it has been an amazing journey for me as a Steemian who chose the path of content blogging rather than working to support my financial incapacity for my studies. Yes, I did gambled my fate in Steemit with the hopes of helping my financial woes in life. With pure efforts and a little bit of luck, I’m thankful I received more than that.

I still remember how I became a Sndboxian/Sndbro/Sndbox member and how it paved way into bigger opportunities in Steemit. I was nominated by one of their previous Stewards and a mentor of mine (@donkeypong) to join this incubator. His reason of nominating us (@themanualbot and me) was because of the #promo-steem campaign that we did in our university and how it will help us envision Steemit as a social media platform for students.

A Steem incubator for creatives and communities.

A very powerful short description.

This is what Sndbox mission is. In the hopes of binding talents into one network helping each other, @sndbox goal is to collaborate and integrate these professionals bringing value to the platform. It’s a community of entrepreneurs, artists, educators, musicians, community builders, etc. – brought into one place.

An incubator headed by ever dynamic talents – @hansikhouse and @voronoi, the focus is to bring creativity and build communities in the blockchain all powered by Steem. A cryptocurrency we earn from posting and commenting in this platform. @Sndbox hopes to encourage creatives, rewarding them for their efforts of bringing creativity in the blockchain. As well as communities, @sndbox supports community driven people who passionately spread the platform to others and use Steemit to launch philantrophic activities.

Visit for more information

Here’s also a short sweet video that explains what @sndbox is all about and how it is revolutionizing creativity in the blockchain.

How did @Sndbox helped us Launch our Community Building Initiatives?

There are a lot of benefits when you are member. If you are a member of @sndbox, you will be able to :

  • Engage with fellow sndbox members, exchanging ideas and at the same time help each other.
  • Receive votes on behalf of joining @sndbox challenge and initiatives.
  • Be coached and mentored by @sndbox admins (@voronoi and @hansikhouse)
  • Be supported with your proposed project’s community building efforts.

With regards to how @sndbox helped us build our communities here, allow me to share these successful events we hosted in partnership with them. This incubator played a very important part of supporting our programs launched for the benefit of the community. Take a deep look of the programs we successfully launched :

Steemph.cebu World Food Day

Steemph.cebu Gift Giving Day

Steemph.cebu Steemnulog (Steemit + Sinulog Festival)

There were lots of activities we hosted (In the efforts @steemph.cebu core leaders @themanualbot, @fernwehninja, @queenjventurer, @itinerantph, @mikekenlytungal,  @jassennessaj (me), @ninyea, @bellatravelph, and volunteers. From meetups, to donating the victims of typhoon in Tacloban, To Chennie’s surgical operation. All of this cannot be done without the constant support of the incubator. Our community will never be as active as it is without the incubator, I salute @sndbox for being an active advocate and supporter of community building activities.

@Sndbox actually has a community building program called Sndcastles, it is where they’re supporting communal accounts objectives, mission, and vision. There were lots of communities supported like @stach, @tach, @myach, and us @steemph.cebu. Because @steemph.cebu became a Sndcastle, we were able to host a lot of community contest which made us distribute rewards to the community.

  • Weekly Feature of Authors (they share the rewards from the post and upvote from @sndbox
  • Power-up Challenge (rewarding users powering-up)
  • Literaturang-Filipino (giving prizes to Filipino poets)
  • Community Question (distributing rewards to active Cebu Steemians)

Then I’m thankful I became a steward.

Fortunately, I was lucky to be one of the chosen ten @sndbox stewards in the first cohort. Our goal is to be able to spread awareness of what @sndbox is and also become shepherds of the new cohort. It never failed to amaze me about the opportunities they given if you just do your best and contribute for the benefit of the platform. 

Personally, my journey in Steemit will never be as successful as it is without the support of @sndbox. They are part of the growth I had in the platform. I’m wishing this incubator more success and I’m looking forward to do more to help spread awareness of how @sndbox is empowering creatives and communities in the blockchain.

<p>An Electronics Engineering Graduate who happens to wander the online world introduced to the world of crypto where a myriad of opportunities came knocking.</p>
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