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Beware of these Scam Steemit Exchanger Accounts : A little Mistake might Vanish your Hard-Earned Steems/SBD’s.

Safety first is Safety always – Charles Hayes

Be Wary Friends, please double check everything!

Many fund transfers here in Steemit were lost because of simple mistakes they get whenever transferring their funds to exchangers (Withdrawal). Friends, please be wary. I intentionally made this post to warn you about this, its heart-breaking to see a friend / fellow steemian fall as a victim about this. Please continue reading.

Thanks to @arcange’s Steem SQL for the data

Now, I was able to take some screenshots on Fake Exchanger accounts that looks almost the same as the verified currency exchangers, but only differ very very slightly!

Please note that verified Steemit accounts are @blocktrades, @bittrex, and @poloniex. Now they’re targetting your little mistakes! There are currently other new exchanges available on Steemit, but we’ll stick to these three just to highlight the importance of triple-checking account names.

I’ll show you some heart-breaking transfers.

Under the account @bittrec, my buddy @misterakpan made a mistake in transferring his hard-earned Steem to this account. A heart-breaking loss to my friend. See, the last letter of the word “bittrex” was only the mistake, it became c. You can check on it too if you want.

History transfers of the account @bittrec. It should be @bittrex


Also under the account, another user was scammed and it can never be returned! Imagine 1785 STEEMS, all gone because of a simple mistake.


History transfers of the account It should be @poloniex.


Another one from account!

History  transfers for the account It should be @bittrex.


This is perhaps the most heart-breaking mistake ever in transferring an account to fake Currency Exchangers, 5478 STEEMS! and it was vanished because of a simple mistake. Really heart-breaking.

I made a summary of accounts to currency exchangers that has a slight difference. Hope this helps.

Please, Quadruple check your transfers

I hope this post helped you and let you reminded that we all need to be careful in performing account transfers. Double check everything before clicking the send button.

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